Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life, the Universe and Everything

I've officially entered the new millenium....I have a blog! I'm a little behind. I checked out Pandora Radio a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. I have all my fav 90's songs because that's all I know. I'm okay with that really. I don't own an IPOD, IPhone, flat screen tv, or any other nifty gadgets that make life "cooler" or "easier" and I'm okay with that too. Life around here is pretty simple and basic...like me. I spend time with my boys, my family, and friends and try to take life as it comes and not get wrapped up in the details. I love my life....laughing with my boys, walks to the park, Saturday morning tickle fests in mom and dad's bed, and the little sweet moments that can't be counted. My wonderful husband who's leg I fall asleep on while sitting on the couch trying to make it through a movie. (He's so sweet and stops the movie so he can finish it with me the next night...or however many more nights it takes for me to see the end!) My friends that can't be replaced and have no idea how they have impacted and changed my life. And my family that have guided and encouraged me long the way. For all of this, I am grateful to God. Join me on my journey through life as a mother, wife, friend, daughter and woman.