Monday, July 27, 2009

My Little Home

Dear Little Sweet Home,

I can't believe that I am writing a Good Bye letter to you already. It seems like yesterday we moved in. I feel like I just got things how I want them and I am now packing everything in boxes and putting them in storage. We moved in 3 1/2 years ago as a family of three and moving out as a family of five. You have become part of our family. Within your walls our family has grown, changed, played, laughed and cried. You have watched children be born, learn to walk, talk, and become little people. You have changed our lives as well. We put so much work, love, and time into you and we could have spent the rest of our lives doing it..but it's time for us to move on and that's hard. I remember when we first moved in, we replaced the rotted front porch and were working in the yard and a woman drove by, rolled down her window and told us that our little house looked happy once again. I beamed. I will never forget how happy that made me feel. The Spring after we moved in, Jay and I would sit on the front brick steps and eat pecans and watch cars pass by. Then Hunter was born and life changed again...for the better. Our family of four fit just right here. Two little people running the circle, laughing, screaming with joy, and playing hide and seek....I'll never forget it! Then Tyler was born and life changed again...for the better. Things are a little crowded now and the thought of three little people turning into three big people in this little house just doesn't make much sense. So now it's time for us to move is changing again...and again...for the better. I will miss you. Your beautiful yard and huge pecan trees that could supply all of Brenham with pecan pies to last a lifetime, the fire engine red azaleas and cotton candy smelling mountain laurel that bloom in the Spring. I'll miss the huge front porch, original wood floors, st. Augustine grass, being 2 mins from HEB! There's so much I'll miss about you but I am so grateful to have been a part of your life and your story. "There was once a sweet little family who lived here and took care of me, I saw children born and tears dried, they are part of who I am." Thank you for being part of us...who we are and who we have become within your walls.

With MUCH love,