Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love....

when Hunter asks me if the purse he picked out for me is my favorite.

when all three boys want to sit next to me when I read and Jay says "we just all like you!"

sunny days playing outside.

walks in the country.

baby kicks.

late night movies with John. (even though it takes a couple of nights for me to make it through the whole movie!)

kisses from Tyler.

that we have baby names already picked out! (this is early for us!)

that Tyler loves his little kitty cat.

preparing for baby.

Jay learning to read.

Hunter's new found obsession with dinosaurs.

sitting in the sunshine, drinking tea (or coffee), enjoying the quiet while the littles rest.

nesting! (including sewing, cleaning, and crafting...oh the fun!)

when the boys want to talk to the baby and tell him/her about their legos and How To Train Your Dragon books and toys and the game they were just playing outside.

when John says my baby belly is cute!

Springtime coming!

this life!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

time with hunter bunter

Hanging with my Hunter at Mobius this morning. He drank hot chocolate and ate a muffin and I drank some tea. We talked, played, and I planned our school week. A perfect little morning!