Friday, May 29, 2009

My Sweet Men!

One more from Alabama!
(taken by Sarah)

Sweet Home Alabama!

We just got back from our annual visit to John's grandparent's river house in Athens, Alabama! We had a great usual! We were there for a week with John's mom, sibs, Awesome Aunt Cecile and Mama and Papa Hunt. Here are a few highlights of the trip and some pics for your viewing pleasure!
ps....Thank you Amy for fish sitting Sarah the Awesome Fish!

Alabama Highlights in No Particular Order!

Desserts of the South
Shopping at the local Piggly Wiggly
Hot Chocolate and a Movie
Back Porch Races
Lucky Charms
Southern Hospitality
Brunch at the Lodge
Dinner on the porch
Swinging on the big back porch

Alabama weather in May (cool and beautiful)

Boat rides

Midnight Tripoley tournaments

Walking/Playing in the rain

Good Times with Family



One Week is NEVER enough!

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