Monday, November 29, 2010

This sweet boy...

Jay loves to write. And draw. And write little notes. And "lists" (filled with text, pictures, and check marks). I love it!
So the other night I was on the bottom bunk with Tyler and Hunter getting them to sleep and Jay was on the top bunk...supposed to be sleeping. I'm laying there thinking about my little sweets and I hear a paper come down between the wall and the bed. I take it and it's a note from Jay that says:

I <3 U mom
love Jay

My little heart melted. So I stuck my hand up to him and held it for a minute until he let go. A few minutes later, another note.
This one says:

I <3 U mom
I <3 U dad
I <3 U Tyler
I <3 U Hunter

Too sweet! So Tyler and Hunter finally fall asleep and I write him a note that says:

I <3 Jay. You are a sweet boy.
Love, Mommy

He reads it and smiles and tells me to wait because he's going to write me a note. He finishes and hands it to me and it says:

I <3 Mom. You are a sweet.
Love Jay

Then he tells me that he didn't say "boy" since I am a girl. Oh my, I love that boy....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010