Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alive and Kicking!

Things have been wild and crazy around here the last few months. There has truly not been a dull moment. Here's are the key points:

  • WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY! Part of the blogging silence has been due to awful morning sickness. I'm in week 13 now and feeling like life may go on and I will not die. That's a good feeling!
  • Tyler broke his collar bone 2 weeks ago after falling off the play ground.
  • We moved into our house! (before and after pics to come) There's still a lot of work to be done but I am so happy to finally be living in my house!
  • Unpacking
  • Tyler has an inguinal hernia that will need to be surgically repaired. It's not really a big deal (if surgery on a 2 year old can be "no big deal") It's a minor, routine procedure. We are hoping to schedule it March.
  • More unpacking and organizing
  • Homeschooling. Which mostly consists of reading lots of books, playing outside, and learning through everyday living.
  • Jay started choir at the First Baptist Church! He loves it and just thinks he is so big and important (and he's right!)
  • Hunter is growing like a weed! I think he gets bigger every morning. He is just so sweet and kind to all of us. There is the occasional food meltdown but that's to be expected every now and then.
  • Tyler will be 2 on Monday. Where has the time gone?
  • And more unpacking and organizing.
I hope to one day have a post that does not have to be an update but just a sweet post about every day life in our home. That seems a little ambitious at this point though! =)