Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Fun!

Every year we go down to Galveston for at least a few days with John's family and always have a blast! This year was no different! We hung out on the beach (actually I stayed in the hotel room and napped with the baby but everyone else hung out on the beach), ate great food, shopped, ate great food, spent time together, ate great food, and last but not least...ate great food! I'm still full from all the great food! I particularly loved this trip because it was so laid back. No agendas, no schedules, just do what we want. It was a blast!

This was the first time we had been back since Ike hit and it was crazy to still see the effects of it. We talked to some store owners and the carriage ride lady about what life is like after Ike. Our favorite candy shop was still closed and many of the stores are not coming back. There is a lot construction and rebuilding still happening. Most of the stores were gutted and remodeled and all new inventory. I can't even imagine! I love Galveston and it's history. This is just another chapter in the book that makes it so amazing!

Ike water line

Oh yeah... and I lost my voice on Monday! AHHH! (actually is was more like "ahhhh") It was awful! The only volume I could get was when I would talk in a really deep voice. My sweet family (the extended fam...not J & H!) said I sounded like a transvestite smoker going through puberty. Thanks guys! Anyway, here are some pictures! As you can see....we had alot of fun!


  1. i love galveston too! not many people really do...but we grew up really close and sometimes we crave it. the murky water, the stink in the air, what's not to love? : )
    we went back shortly after ike- it is really weird.

  2. I miss you guys, ALL of you guys, extended and all! And, you're a part of this chapter, too! I've definitely already planned on your guys coming to visit. We'll be up in Brenham within the next 2 weeks, can we please hang out so much?! (in between moving, ugh)