Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Break On News...

So as you know, I married into a very musical family. John has a wide range of musical taste and often makes mix CDs to listen to in the car. The one in right now has everything from Johnny Cash to Mozart, Bela Fleck and Bobby Darrin. The other day Hunter and I left to run an errand and I turned on the cd and he says "Mom, turn it on Break On News" Huh? I quickly run the songs through my head and not coming up with anything with those lyric I ask "Which one buddy?" "You know, *singing and grooving with his little 3 year old tune* 'break on news to the other side!'
Original Lyrics by The Doors as follows:
"Break on through to the other side"
So really, should the 3 year old know the lyrics to The Doors? Hmm...most 3 year olds are listening to The Wheels on the Bus. Not John Amelang's child....


  1. Made me laugh!! Brinley knows the words to Joan Jett-I Love Rock & Roll! I just think of these songs as classics! Right? Our children are just more "well-rounded" than others!

  2. a serious part of his education..perfect..seriously! it is great!

  3. love that!

    your holiday crafting is awesome, btw!!!

  4. ummm have I mentioned that that is the cutest picture of Hunter EVER!? whoa.

  5. I want to learn to sew a pillow. Maybe I can come up and have a slumber party with you and wean Bela simultaneously and learn to sew like a 6 yr old?! I'm serious, actually. Love you! MIss you!

  6. And Hunter IS cute. And yes, yes yes. yes. A 3 yr. old should listen to some variety, not just wheels on the autobus.