Friday, April 1, 2011

Sew Necessary::Belleville, TX Market Day

Sew Necessary is a story about….

Two friends, with husbands and young children and some time to sew. This is a collection of stitches gathered here and there in between laundry, dishes, diapers, meal preparation, education, some rest and exercise and, any other small thing that women do to make the day smoother for those they love. While we could do without sewing, we enjoy the time taken aside to make something by hand. We could show our children that we are consumers and not producers but we opt out of that when we take time to sew. Just like making bread by hand or crafting a hearty stew that nourishes the body, this practice and routine is vital to our soul, our children and our culture. In many ways, we feel more connected to pioneer women by taking part in a heritage that to them was indeed “sew” necessary while for us, it seems somewhat optional.

All items handmade, appliqued, embroidered and/or quilted by Cheryl Amelang and Traci Mueller who to their families and to each other are Sew Necessary. Please come out and browse a variety of baby clothing and slings, home décor, women’s apparel and accessories as well as handmade cards ~ all made with love this Saturday at the Belleville Market Day on the square from 9am to 4pm. The bluebonnets are still blooming!

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  1. Oh! That is a sweet write up about you guys! The items look great!