Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time Keeps Tickin' Away

I've been thinking a lot about one comment I make too often "There's not enough hours in the day..."
I was in the car on my way to pick up J and H from my mother-in-law, T was asleep and had time to think about whatever I wanted (how often does that happen?!) and my mind went to I Have So Much To Do Land. I hate that place. It stresses me out. It makes me feel like a failure because I just can't seem to get it all done. Suddenly I stopped and I felt like God was saying that He's given me 24 hours every day and I should be grateful for them and not wish for more. The same way I would not wish for more money, a new car, that really cute pair of shoes from Store X. I was being ungrateful for the gift of time that I've been given. I need to make sure that I'm making the best of every minute and then I will know that there are enough hours for exactly what needs to be done.
That's what I'm working on. What's the highest priority? Dishes, laundry, email? Probably not. Reading, playing cars, taking walks with my boys...yep! I'm learning to cut the things that aren't so important. The time suckers that have no return. I want to go to sleep at night feeling like I accomplished exactly what I was supposed to that day...even if it's just that I read to my little men all day. I want to feel like that was something great even if the dishes didn't get done. Who cares? There will always be dishes to do....


  1. I'm SO down with the gratitude! Thanks for this. Not surprised that we are on the same page lately... Thanks for the reminder that the dishes can wait. Hugs!

  2. yep- my thoughts exactly...the one more thing will always be there. but our babies won't. play, i say!