Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Music and Muffins Piano Class

This is from our Brenham Music Academy Newsletter. Thought I'd post it on my blog too.

I am now into the second month of my Music and Muffins class and still very much enjoying it! The curriculum we are using was designed for busy adults (that's me!) and is challenging but slow paced so I never feel frustrated or bored. As the weeks progress, I am finding that sometimes it's difficult to make time to practice even though I really like practicing, want to learn new songs, and work on the concepts that are introduced each week in class. I have realized that with three kids I'm not going to have a daily set aside time to practice so I look for opportunities to take a minute or two during the day to pull out my music book and play. Even if it's just 2, 3 or 5 minutes at a time. It's a few minutes that I'm doing something that I enjoy and something that is important to me. I am glad that I am in a group. I know that I would have quit (again) by now if I were taking private lessons. I feel committed to these ladies and if I lag behind it effects the progress of all of us and that is motivation to find the time. This may sound silly but I feel like I'm part of something important. I see the enthusiasm and commitment that my fellow piano students have and it excites me! I am building relationships with neat women, learning about more than just quarter notes. When this class ends I will walk away knowing more than just how to play the piano. There is so much more this class has to offer my life. It has enriched me in so many ways!

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  1. I don't even know what a quarter note is...sad. This is interesting. Will you play my piano at the birthday party on Thursday for entertainment? I will give you a glass of wine beforehand...c'mon. ;-) What about the muffin part? Do you bake muffins for your lesson? So sweet!!