Monday, November 9, 2009

Playhouse Restoration Weekend

My dad built this playhouse almost 21 years ago. I remember him working on it on the weekends, my step mom walking on the frame before the floor was put down, and the excitement and pride I have always had for this massive, beautiful piece of work. My dad works for an electrical company that sets poles and such (I don't know all the ins and outs of his job...all I know is that as we drive by places he tells me "I set that crew did all that pole work"...etc. I have always been so proud of my dad!) Anyway, he built the playhouse out of cross-arms from work. Yes, the WHOLE things is built out of cross-arms. He's a crazy man. He builds everything out the darn things. I asked him if his house was framed with cross-arms. He said no, but he really wanted to. I'm not surprised...

So, 21 years later the playhouse needs some work. John, my brother Terrey and my dad made all of the appropriate repairs to our beloved playhouse and now J & H can play, pretend, and run around on it like I did as a kid. I have great memories with my cousins and sister out there. "Big girl talk" about things like New Kids on the Block, school projects, and boys at school (of course!). This was also the headquarters of Honey Comb Drug Safety Club where I was the president and our motto was "We Burn Drugs" Man, that makes me laugh now!!! Oh the minds of 8 year olds! Wow, the memories.... it's hard to believe that MY children are playing on my playhouse now. Time passes so quickly...

John and Terrey

My dad!
Note the large crack they are supporting with another beam.

The playhouse!

Another view

The little house on top.

Thanks guys for your hard work to restore our awesome playhouse!


  1. What an awesome playhouse. I can't imagine a better place for three little boys to play.

  2. wow! that place is amazing!

    maybe you guys can live it ; )