Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanks Dr. Woo.....

Psalm 127:1
Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.

John and I have been facing a huge decision and trying to figure out what the "right" move is. We sold our house back in August and have been living with his dad since then. It's still going fine. Our original plan was to build a house on the acre of land that we own out here. The idea was never totally appealing to us as we really rather be a little closer to town (it's about 15 mins out), not be quite so close to dad, we really want more room to do what we need/want to do and last but not least, this land really needs a lot of work to be the type of place we really want to be. So having some savings and profit from our house we starting looking around for other options. We put an offer in on a house that is about 6 mins from here, a little fixer upper on an acre and actually quite perfect...we thought. We didn't get the house and were quickly back to the drawing board. The whole time in the back on my mind thinking "I know we are going to end up back here...that's just not what I want to do" We used to live here. When Jay was born. We built a tiny little house and it was fine for the time. Buying a house in Brenham was a big step forward for us and I guess I feel like we are regressing if we move back here. John and I really don't want to build a house...anywhere. Ideally, we would find a house and make our home there, but that's not how it's playing out. This past weekend we went to my dad's and had a lot of car time to think and talk about what we need to do...what our next move is. We finally made a decision and today it was confirmed. We will build a house out here on our acre. The confirmed part was made tonight when I checked out Casey Cease's blog and he was talking about why he and his family moved to Brenham and he said that Dr. Woo (not sure who he is...but sounds quite wise) says "When you have several options in front of you, God is usually calling you to the hardest one." This is the hardest one...
I keep saying that this isn't what I want and shouldn't I get what I want? (HA!) But what if this turns out to be exactly what I want? There are worse places to be. We will have very little, if any debt, be close to family, live in the country on land that is paid for. Come on, what am I complaining about? I am looking for the bright side. I am trying to be thankful and know that God's in control. No one said we will live here forever (hey, maybe it'll turn out that I want to live here forever....who knows) This is a any other. So, here we go.....


  1. Ah, yes...Dr. Woo IS very wise. :) It's funny I saw the title on my reader, but I haven't been able to sit and read blogs for a while. I never would have imagined that it was OUR Dr. Woo that you were talking about! :) Funny.

    Well, gosh...building a house! That's exciting. But I can totally understand how that would be a hard decision. But, as we very well know...sometimes the hardest decisions turn out to be the best!

    Can't wait to hear more about all of this in person! Hope to see you soon.

  2. I said last year (pregnancy, cancer, living with parents) was like being squeezed through the neck of a narrow bottle. You don't want to, you can't and you just can't breathe and don't want to think about it anymore..but, there you go, right through it! I think the 'hard' part here is the want your space now but will have to cultivate it in time unknown. If God is in it, it WILL be perfect. I'm no Dr. Woo (don't know of him either) but I love your open attitude Cheryl. One more good bit...God doesn't require us to be perfect..just faithful! Thank God! Love you guys!