Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After MUCH waiting, praying, thinking, looking, waiting, and more waiting. This is our new house! I am so happy! This whole thing came together in a week and half from the time we looked at the house to when we signed the contract and gave 'em our check. We have to have it moved to our property. (the land wasn't for sale...just the house) Another development of that week and a half was finding out that there is an acre of land available across the street from where we were originally going to build. So we quickly snagged it and now are in the process of getting the septic, electric, and water well all taken care of before the house gets moved. It has to stop raining first though.
Here are the specs:
Built in 1905
when we are finished with it, it'll be a 3/2
1400ish sq ft (gigantic compared to where we were)
2 bedrooms downstairs and a little loft upstairs
HUGE walk in pantry in the kitchen (i've never had a pantry!)
Wood walls, bead board ceilings, wood floors...the works
It does need some work but it's all do-able stuff. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!
So here's a little tour of our new/old little farmhouse!
Front Door

Entry with stairs that go to the loft


Built in china cabinet in the dining room


Boy Room

There you have it! I'll have you over for coffee as soon as we get it all ready! I can't wait to show it off!!! God is good...I couldn't have asked for anything more. In fact, it's exactly what I wanted. I'm still in awe of what he has given us. wow....


  1. CHERYL!!! this is amazing! oh, i am so happy for you!!!

  2. I love that the loft has that little window nook. I can't wait to see this sweet house in person. Thanks for posting!

  3. It's gorgeous!! Yall are going to love it!!

  4. That is AWESOME!!!! It is just perfect! God is so good. We love you guys!

  5. yeah...so so great! I can't wait to see it!

  6. Your new house is just darling and I'm sure it will meet all your needs and more...