Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amelang Update Part 2: SirenSound Productions

Things are changing around here at every turn. Along with our decision for me to stay at home with the boys, John also decided to move his recording and music lessons out of the family music school and start his own studio. He has a dedicated recording following, sound gigs, music lessons, etc. He stays very busy with it all. And he’s good at it. The music school was great place to get started (and spend the last six years) but there are things that he needs/wants as his clientele grows and needs shift. Enter “da boof” (aka…the booth). He is very excited about “da boof” and so are many of his regular guys. They can’t wait to get in there and check it out! Soon boys…sooooon!
So here’s the scoop on the new location of SirenSound Productions – Full Service Music Studio.
Located at 104 S. St. Charles St. in Downtown Brenham
• Recording
• Live Sound
• Guitar, Bass, & Drum Lessons
• Zither Lessons
• Song Editing/Writing/Production
• Mixing/Mastering
• Small Retail Store
There is more to come! We are very excited about this new start. Wish us luck!
Check out our website for more information on what's new!

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