Monday, January 3, 2011

Corners of our home :: the heart - our kitchen

{inspired by Soulemama}

I am finally getting around to posting of pictures of our "newly-remodeled-but-not-ever-close-to-being-finished" home! Here's a reminder of the original state of the house. The kitchen is where I spend ALL of my time. Cooking, baking, school work, planning, know the drill. I love my new kitchen! I mean, I really love it.

Here is a before picture...

And after:

at breakfast this morning!

what do you think?


  1. Oh my dear...I want to come play!! What can we bake! Thank you for sharing Amelangmama ;-)

  2. awesome how the house is coming and John rock!!


    ps We have a faux copper dining room fixture that has 5 lamp globes...T needs to send you a is free, came from our BIL/SIL house
    worth 2.4mil pesos on ebay

  3. I think Jay is SO cute. He's getting big. Miss you guys, and your kitchen looks fabulous.

  4. looks so good!

    and look at sweet mr. hunter in that bottom shot! what a cutie!