Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organizing my home ::First Stop - Toy Bins

Confession: I love to organize! Don't you?! I love taking something messy and unorganized and make it lovely to look at, easy to use, and simplified. I'm constantly moving things around in the house. John is used it after 10 years of marriage. "honey, where are the napkins kept now?" He's easy going about it. I love that man!

I thought I'd take you on an organizing journey through my home.
First stop: Kids toy bins. I love them but they have become quite unruly. And with Christmas presents to now find homes for it was time to reorganize!

Here's what I started with:

Tools needed:
Trash Bag
Donation Box
Ipod blaring your favorite tunes

Dump all the toys on the floor.
Start Sorting.

Jay walked in after I emptied all the bins on the floor and asked who made the big mess! I told him that I was cleaning. He gave me a funny look and walked away. You have to make a mess to get things clean. That's how it works! =)

Here's what I ended with:
(can you see the difference? Oh, let me tell you...there is one!)
I still need to make tags for each bin but they look so much better and the boys can actually find what they are looking for. I'm a happy mommy!

Maybe this will inspire you to clean out a drawer, closet, box, bin...

My next stop is the kid's craft cabinet. *sigh*


  1. Eeks!!! Kid's craft cabinet?!? Run like the wind!

  2. I'm not a big fan of organizing. But, oh, when it's done I feel so good and light. Cute blog.

  3. You did inspire me....I took a picture of the "new" toy closet but don't have time to share it here. But, I put it off earlier in the week when I planned to do it because I wanted to paint it. Ha! No paint yet but got a full trash bag out of it a a few toys to donate. I even uncovered toys thought to be lost as you mentioned and that kept the children busy while I sorted things out to donate.