Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodies from Mom!

The boys, Mia and I spent the night with my mom and little sis the other night. We had a lovely time! I never leave her house without a bag of goodies to take home.

Mom works with Special Needs children at her local school. My little sis has DS so she lives and works with these sweet kids 24/7. At her school they had a book drive and she got to take an arm load (or two) of the leftovers home with her where she then passed some on to me!!
She sent me home with these:

This dress:

And a variety of face wash, moisturizer and concealer (a must have for a new mommy!) that she wasn't using. :)

I love going to my mom's! The company is lovely and the goodies are a bonus! ;)

PS....luh-uving my new instagram app!

PPS....will be posting another slideshow of Alabama pictures because my broken phone is alive again. Hooray! (yeah, not sure how that happened but I'm happy and have all of my pics again! Whew!)

Posted with love from my iPhone <3

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