Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Virtual Coffee and fun with Apps!

I think I have complained before that we don't have internet at our house yet (in the boon docks) so I don't get to post as often as I'd like BUT....{drum roll} I bought a blogging app for my phone so I can post more often now! (I hear your cheers!) Yeah, so I'm kinda excited. John rolled his eyes...oh well.

So, I follow this blog. She's a super cute homeschool mom and is a fellow coffee lover. She often invites me over for virtual coffee....ok fine, me and her other other 300 follower friends. That's beside the point...

I love this virtual coffee idea so I'm going to invite you over for some coffee and coffeemate (yes, still addicted.) I can brew a hot pot or I have some cold coffee in fridge. (A summer staple along with the lemonade.) Your choice!

So now that we have coffee in hand:

The boys, Mia and I spent the night at my mom's last night after a super fun play date with a sweet friend. We could talk for days. We decided that for the week between nursing and getting pregnant next (that's how we roll) we are going on a trip together. So fun.

Today was Chuck E Cheese with my sis and her kiddos. Too much fun!

Had a blast!!

Oh! Ok, one more thing before you have to leave...I'm totally excited because I finally organized my pantry. It was bad y'all. So bad that I didn't even take a before picture...

Gosh it's pretty now! ;)

It was great visiting with you. Please stop by again! I'm up for coffee and a chat anytime! See you next time!

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