Thursday, September 10, 2009

If I had time to blog this is what I'd blog about!

It's been WAY too long since I have blogged...I miss it! And I know you are dying to know how we are doing! ;) So I'll tell you...mostly in pictures!

Quick Update (without the pics) We closed on our house and moved in with the in-laws. It's going really well. It's actually been fun hanging out with everyone and always having some to chat with in the kitchen while fixing breakfast or doing the dishes! I've laughed A LOT in the last month! =)
Here's what else we've been up to!

Jay lost his first tooth! (and now another one too)

My sweet little Boo-Ba!

I was invited to attend the birth of Juliet Faith Davis! She was born on August 16th and weighed 9 lbs, 10 oz and 21 inches long. This was my 6th birth to attend! (well, 3 were my own, but I was told that they count to...since I was there and all...) It was amazing and I am so honored to have been invited! I love babies, birth, and serving mothers while they experience the most amazing gift that God could give women. I love it!!!!

The Blue Hit was the TLM Showcase Series artist in August and they were awesome! Velvet Vocals, Groovy Guitar, and Charming Cello! Doesn't that description make you want to check them out! September is going to rock also!

The sound guy and the intern!

Iceskating for my mother in law's bday party!!!!

The boys working on their Family Lapbooks. They are so fun! I'm in love with lapbooking. Check it out!

So that's the Amelang update!


  1. well it's about time for an update! stop living your life, and blog, for pete's sake!!!

  2. The blog of my dreams is almost as cute and Mandi's and Cheryl's...thanks for the update!