Monday, September 12, 2011

The School Post

I recently read one of those "You know you are a homeschooler when..." lists and one was "when someone asks what grade your child is in and your answer ends in 'ish' " That's us.  Jay is 2nd grade-ish.  And really the only reason I keep up with a grade is so that I have an answer when someone asks!  This is our first year of formal schooling.  The past years have been learning through living.  "How many people in our family? 5, right? There are 3 forks in the dishwasher.  How many more forks do you need?"  Reading LOTS of good books and just letting him ask questions, find answers, play and explore.  That tactic worked great!  This year I bought real school books and have a real plan and it seems he is right where he should be.  That makes a mama happy!  So here is what we are doing this year.

Bob Jones Math

 Explode the Code bk 2

Handwriting Without Tears Bk 1

First Language Lessons by Jessie Bauer

We are also doing geography loosely using Geography for Every Kid and the library and internet fun worksheets mostly found here.

October- Human Body Lapbook
Novemeber-Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Indians...all that jazz.  Bringing in the geography we are already studying.
Decemeber-German Christmas Traditions

That will get us through the end of the year.  I have plans for next year but they are still dancing around in my head!  They will get on paper soon. 

Hunter has been right in the mix as well.  I've picked up a couple of little math books that he loves.  He also finished a dinosaur workbook.  He is always telling me that he wants harder books!  ok!  He's loving this school thing.  That makes a mama happy too! 

Copying math problems out of Jay's book to his own notebook! So cute!

He also has his own Explode the Code

So that's the school post!

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  1. From Traci since she can't comment for some reason:
    "Thanks for putting it down to link and see.  I love that your school is handmade by you.  I love that they love it and envy Jay's mathabilities!  That will take him far in life!"